Macro 01

Macro and Close-up Photography is super fun, I use a Sony A700 12.2 M.P. with an 50 mm or a 100 mm full-frame A.F. 1 to 1 macro lens and 12-20-36 mm extension tubes, I do not use a tripod. I have a single support. Example: 50 mm lens and 36 mm extension tube, I use a flashy light for F 14 or more and 100 asa 200 sec. The lens than to infinity to photograph the entire insect with great depth of focus, always on M.F. (flash fills in). For more details same 50 mm and 36 mm extension tube, I'm going to 400 or 800 asa and 200 sec to 10 cm and then as near as I can the camera will choose the F always M.F. For fast flying insects I use the Minolta A.F. 28-135 beercan on A.F. The most challenging is the names of the insect in Dutch and English.

Macro 02

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