Old Stone Artifacts

Stone Artifacts From The Netherlands, England And France, Very Old Maybe Homo Erectus Or Early Homo Heidelbergensis (Neanderthalensis) . +/- 650.000 Years Or Older. And Some Bifacial and Unifacial Pebble Tools.

Great Britain’s Clactonian-Middle Paleolithic-Upper Paleolithic

Clactonian Tools Of Great Britain’s South Coast, Were Made By Homo Erectus Crude Knives Or Scrapers And The Prominent Bulb Of Percussion On The Flakes Indicates Use Of A Hammer Stone (400.000) Bout-Coupé Hand Axe Of Great Britain’s South Coast, They Are Traditionally Diagnostic Of Neanderthal Tool Working (65.000) As Well Late Stone Age Or Upper Paleolithic Artifacts Are Found On Great Britain’s South Coast (35.000 Up To 8.000)

Oldowan Fontmaure France The \"JASPER\" Choppers.

Oldowan Fontmaure Choppers ,The Only Site In France With JASPER A Semi-Precious stone , For The Use Of Making Stone Artifacts. Choppers Are Made By Removing Flakes From One Or Two Surfaces , Creating An Edge And Often A Sharp Tip.The Earliest Known Oldowan Artifacts Yet Found Date From 2.6 Million Years Ago , Homo Habilis Was The Hominid Who Used The Artifacts For Most Of The Oldowan.

Amerongen And Rhenen Old Tools The Netherlands

The City Of Amerongen And Rhenen ( Kwintelooyen ) In The Netherlands , At The City Of Rhenen The Ice Age Of 200.000/180.000 Years Ago Stopped , 60 Meter Ice Cover , Stone Sand And Stone Tools , The Kwintelooyen Excavation , Where Many Stone Tools Have Been Found. Oldowan Type And Neanderthal Type ,10 km To The Right Is The Town Amerongen , If You Walk Out There Into The Field, You See In The Ground A Line Left Of Only Sand And Right Stones And Sand , The Boundary Of The Ice Age. People Have Been Living On The Edge And The River Nederrijn, The Amerongen Tools Have Traces Of The Wind Ventifact , Originated In The Ice Age Of 18.000/20.000 Years Made By The Winds During That Ice Age, Tools Must Be Made After That Time. The Rhenen Tools Are Much Older Before And After The Glacial Times ( 200.000 - 180.000 ) Pebbles And Flint Stone. Mark A1 (Amerongen) R1 (Rhenen) And Upto.

Oldowan - Abbevillian - Acheulian

Oldowan - Abbevillian - Acheulian From +/- 1.5 Million Years Up To 500.000 Years. Note: Names Used From Industries Like Oldowan-Abbevillian-Acheulian, Are Used As A Marker For The Face Of The Artifact, Not As An Industry Because All The Artifacts Are Surface Collected