The Pamor Art Of Meteorite Iron

Row 1 : ( First Seven Pictures And Continue) Octahedrite Iron Meteorite With Widmansstätten Pattern. Row 2 : Pamor: Beras Wutah (Strewn Rice) Mataram 1575-1708 (Pajang Influence). Row 3 : Pamor: Beras Wutah Halus (Strewn Rice Refined) High Nickel Pamor See Characteristically Nickel Melting Out Of Pamor Forcing. Padjang 1520-1582. Row 4 : Pamor: Batu Lapak (Saddlestone) Made Of Iron Malik Won Out Of Mud Has Little Pimples Late Mojopahit 15th-Century. Row 5 : Pamor: Adeg Sakler Or Telungler (Few Lines) Mataram 1575-1708. Row 6 : Pamor: Beras Wutah Or Samsun Boron (Strewn Rice) Late Mojopahit 15th-Century Tuban. Row 7 : Pamor: Batu Lapak (Saddlestone) And Beras Wutah Tretep (Strewn Rice) Late Mojopahit 15th-Century. Kebo Larar. Row 8 : Pamor: Udjung Gunung Miring ( The Mounteintops) Mataram 1575-1708. Sumatra Row 9 : Pamor: Udjung Gunung Mluram ( The Mounteintops) Mataram 1575-1708. Row 10 : Pamor: Batu Lapak (Saddlestone) And Beras Wutah (Strewn Rice) Mataram 1575-1708. Sumatra Iras.

Indonesian Art 01

Hornbill Amulet: Ivory-Animal Teeth-Beads, Kayan Borneo. The Largest Hornbill (Rhinoplax Vigil) With An Ivory Beak Called \"Anggang Totok\" Where Used To Make Amulets, They Should Be Worn Attached To The Mandau, Only By Man Who Have Participated In Headhunting.

Indonesian Art 02

Borneo: Needle For Rattan Work, Handle With Kayan Figures.

Indonesian Art 03

Modjopahit Period Java: Little Stone Figure Of Sorrowful Man.

Indonesian Art 04

HAMPOTONG: Borneo Literally Wooden Figure, Small Figures Made By The OTDANUM And NGAJU Tribes Of Borneo Out Of Hardwood (Ironwood). These Little Figures Called Tadjahan Or Bidje, They Are Helpful Spirits.

Indonesian Art 05

Borneo: Kayan Underworld Figure Made Out Of Stag\'s horn. Based On A Lemur species, Ghosts Or Spirits Monkey. Big Needle Or Amulet.

Indonesian Art 06

Borneo: Baby Carrier With Beads And Teeths. Kayan.