Powerful Artifacts From Songye And Outhers

A Collection Of There Distinctive Statuaries Of Powerful Artifacts From Songye And Other Tribal People

African Art 01

Little Songye: With Horn On His Head And Power Band Around His Body.Congo 1950-1960.

African Art 02

Little Songye: With Big Horn On His Head And Animal Teeth Around His Neck. Congo 1950/1960.

African Art 03

Songye: Kalebwe style, Congo Middle Of 20 th. Century.Yellow Copper (brass) Plate\'s On His Head, Crumbly Surface.

African Art 04

Big Songye: Animal Teeth And Bone\'s Big Power.

African Art 05

Old Songye: With Horn In His Head. Congo 1950/1960.

African art 06

Hemba: Lovely Little Hemba Girl On Spherical Object, Made Of An Calabash, With Nut Like Beads-Shells-Horn-Feathers And Scarceness Things Inside.